Arcade Mania in French!

Those copies of Arcade Mania in the photo above are indeed en français, and it’s truly exciting to see that the French edition of the book is now back from the printers. The book — with a slightly changed title of Japan Arcade Mania — is published in France by Pix’N Love Editions, and although […]

Peter Stutchbury Talks

Keiji has been collaborating on a project with Australian architect Peter Stutchbury, and with Stutchbury in Tokyo for a few days to check in on the construction, Keiji is organizing a lecture and party at his studio (Keiji Ashizawa Design, 2-17-15 Koishikawa, Bukyo-ku — nearest station: Korakuen) on Tuesday, July 23. The reception will start […]

Dr. Sketchy’s Exhibition Party

I posted not too long ago about the Tokyo edition of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, and this time it’s for an event organized by the group that doesn’t involve sketching. “Dr. Sketchy’s Exhibition Party” will showcase the works of participants — including pieces by Dr. Sketchy founder Molly Crabapple — with a few cabaret performances […]

Mieko Sai

The other night when I was out for dinner with an old friend who was in town for a visit (at a stylish Italian restaurant in Odaiba called Fragile), I met graphic/web designer Mieko Sai, whose site you can view here (I dig the interactive cursor animation). She was telling me about a NY-based art […]

101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions

101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions – just click here and enjoy. I really want to get a hold of this book. If somebody understands how to get it please contact me. Edit: Added the book image. Update (16/08/21): This post was part of a “Next Century Modern Blog” stint, by guest blogger Jesper Larsson.

Coca Cola C2

More Coke! Found this on CarbWire, due for release in Japan this summer: Consumers are the true architects of this idea,” said Doug Daft, chairman and chief executive officer of Coca-Cola. “Coca-Cola C2 was created to specifically address their desire for a lower-calorie cola with that great Coca-Cola taste”. “Coca-Cola C2 will be available in […]