Instant Ramen

Tokyo Style in Stockholm had arranged a little japanese meeting place at FutureDesignDays were you could cook you own instant ramen och drink some sake sitting on tiny childrens chairs. Only the shipping costs (Tokyo-Sweden) for the cheap ramens had been over 1200 Euro. Update (16/08/13): This post was part of a week-long “Next Century […]

Wallpainting in Boras

Just got back from FutureDesignDays in Boras. Had a good time. They treated us really good. This is a wallpainting from the apartment we borrowed. I don’t remember the name of the fellow who owned it, but thanks! Update (16/08/13): This post was part of a week-long “Next Century Modern Blog” stint, by guest blogger Jesper […]

Ballmer’s iPod

I found this surfing the net and thought it was kinda funny: Balmer’s iPod. It’s a parody of Apples iPod ads created by Macboy who also have made other MacToons. If you don’t know about the freaky Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) make sure you click on his name to see him in action. Update […]

Swedish Surfing

You were mentioning cold and snow? A while ago I went with my friends to check out the Swedish surfing scene near Stockholm. When we went it was about 11 degrees (celsius) in the air and 7 in the water. Big up to Niklas and Lars who were in the water! I was freezing my […]

Analog pixels

Feel young. Be creative. Visit Pixelblocks and try out their DIGITAL STAINED GLASS? generator. I grew up with lots of LEGO so I would rather build with those pieces, but a fun project anyway. Link from the excellent design portal K10K. Recommended reading for inspiration: “Douglas Coupland – Microserfs” one of my all time favourites. […]

Beauty Cake Contest

I’ve been cleaning up my computer and finding all kids of stuff. This is part of a letter I wrote to swedish lifestyle magazine BON a while ago. They had arranged a cake baking contest called “Beauty Cake Contest” together with an artgallery here in Gothenburg. I thought our contribution “D.I.Y. Instant Beautycake” was by […]

Douche Magazine

I’m waiting for my copy of the first issue of Douche Magazine. I can’t say much about the magazine before reading it but since is featured it’s gotta be good. Except in North America you will only find the magazine at me jolly favourite store in Paris; Colette. Update (16/08/13): This post was written […]

Movies on GB Advance

Dunno if this is old news, but still news to me. “AM3 Adapter Allows Viewing of Movies on Game Boy Advance. AM3 (Japan) announced that it will release an adapter and movie card set to allow viewing of movies on the Game Boy Advance. Both Anime and standard movies can be viewed with the adapter […]