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My weekly Tokyo post for MoCo Loco is up, this time covering D-BROS‘ Kudamemo (above), and Totonoe‘s File Stand and Dust Box.

Last week I covered Ideaco‘s Blur Vase (above) and Lilliput flower pots, DEROLL‘s cutlery by Makoto Yamaguchi, and Hirota‘s bamboo-inspired glasses and bowls.

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Beijing Superguide

The Superfuture Superguide series of downloadable PDF shopping guides is joined by a new city: enter the Beijing Superguide. Can’t wait to use it on my next trip there. Of course, make sure to grab a copy of the Tokyo Superguide when in town, which I update monthly.

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If you’ve been to PauseTalk, then there’s a good chance you know Joseph Keenan. Probably the person outside of me who has attended the most sessions, it’s been a joy all these years to have him attend — and yes, he became a very good friend as well — and it’s with sadness that we see him leave Japan next week, as he heads back to Australia (although I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again here in a few years).

But before he leaves, I absolutely wanted him to have an exhibition at Cafe Pause to show off the countless sketches that I always see him drawing in his many sketchbooks. “Sketchin'” is now on at the cafe, and runs until this coming Monday, July 6, which coincides with this month’s edition of PauseTalk, the last one Joe will be attending.


What’s Going On? Part Deux: The Legend of Curly’s Gold

Yes, time for another post to keep you updated on the lack of updates. The move went well, but as you can imagine, I’m still exhausted, and now also without internet at home for about a week. I’ll say this, having to deal with a new dog, a move to a house, rainy season, and the arrival of a visiting housemate, all in a couple of weeks… But things are good, and I’ll be laughing come next weekend, when I’m enjoying some beers in our sunroom. In the meantime, do like my dog Confiture, and keep cool.

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Zokei Quest

Talk about a cool way to get potential students interested in your university: Zokei Quest, a faux 16-bit tour of the Zokei University campus in Tokyo, done in the style of an RPG. Via Offworld.

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Arcade Mania in French!

Those copies of Arcade Mania in the photo above are indeed en fran├žais, and it’s truly exciting to see that the French edition of the book is now back from the printers. The book — with a slightly changed title of Japan Arcade Mania — is published in France by Pix’N Love Editions, and although I’m not sure when the book will be showing up in stores there, it is available for purchase directly from the Pix’N Love website as of today.

Let me also point you to our English website for the book if you want more info. Below, pages from the French edition — it’s nice to see that Andrew‘s layouts work just as well in other languages. And speaking of Andrew, let me point you also to his latest baby, the just-launched Otaku Encyclepdia, which is now on sale in Japan. I will be covering the book soon — just haven’t had the time to write a proper post about it — but let me assure you that it fits quite neatly in the “series” with Arcade Mania and Matt Alt’s Yokai Attack.

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Peter Stutchbury Talks

Keiji has been collaborating on a project with Australian architect Peter Stutchbury, and with Stutchbury in Tokyo for a few days to check in on the construction, Keiji is organizing a lecture and party at his studio (Keiji Ashizawa Design, 2-17-15 Koishikawa, Bukyo-ku — nearest station: Korakuen) on Tuesday, July 23. The reception will start at 19:00, with the lecture from 20:00 — the party will continue after the talk, until 23:00. There will be a charge of 1,000 yen, which includes snacks, beer, and wine.

The studio can probably only fit around 60-70 people, so please email Keiji if you plan on going.

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Dr. Sketchy’s Exhibition Party


I posted not too long ago about the Tokyo edition of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, and this time it’s for an event organized by the group that doesn’t involve sketching. “Dr. Sketchy’s Exhibition Party” will showcase the works of participants — including pieces by Dr. Sketchy founder Molly Crabapple — with a few cabaret performances thrown in: Miss Erochica Bamboo, Violet Eva, The Murasaki Baby Dolls, Cherry Typhoon, and Safi. It happens Saturday, November 22 at La Boheme in Aoyama (Kotto-Dori) — 3,500 yen with drink at the door, 2,500 with drink in advance or with flyer (email them).

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Shinkansen & Love


Something I spotted a few weeks ago (forgot to post it): Shinkansen & Love, a fashion magazine themed on the Shinkansen. Basically, fashions to ride the Shinkansen in. It’s actually well photographed, and is from Infas (Studio Voice).

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Colette’s Sarah on Cat Street

Colette's Sarah on Cat Street

I have spies everywhere. Above, Colette‘s Sarah on Cat Street earlier today, photographed by Ian Luna.