White Label Camera

This is what the custom made White Label camera looks like. We send it out to all our artists and stores to document the project. Update (16/08/13): This post was written by Jesper Larsson, as part of a week-long “Next Century Modern Blog” guest stint he did on the site. The image is unfortunately no […]

White Label @ Colette

I was very happy the other day when Colette in Paris returned the camera we had sent them after delivering our first White Label t-shirt collection. The picture shows a part of the White Label concept, with t-shirt packaged in 12″ white record sleeves. No time to explain it all: read more about the projekt […]

Being Hunted

Since october there is a new design over at Being Hunted. A lovely site for people who wanna stay up to date with street fashion / street art / sneakers etc. It’s in my quicklist of links. As you can see I use a PC, but I long for an attractive apple. Can’t figure out […]


After the Future Design Days event we went to Bliss for a quick beer (I had a Cider since I prefer it instead of beer). I like this place. They serve really good food, the staff is nice and when there’s a party, you can really party. I have always wondered how they managed to […]

Future Design Days

Tonight I went to an short introduction event for this years edition of Future Design Days, a design festival in the small town of Boras, south of Gothenburg. I visited the event last year, had a jolly good time and was both impressed and surpriced by the magnificant arrangement. Along with many others it seems, […]

Introduction #2

This is where I live (top-left apartment on the ninth floor) together with my friend Ola. Our small tokyo-sized apartment is situated in a suburb to Gothenburg, Swedens second largest city. This picture is taken from our tram-station. I love the functionalistic architecture of our building and I try to photograph it once every day […]

Introduction #1

This is me now. My name is Jesper Larsson and I’m the brand new guestblogger at Tokyo Boy. First of all: big shout out to my main man in tokyo, mr Jean Snow who let’s my share my swedish life though this homepage. This despite the fact that he knows I’m rather selfcentered and egocentric […]