Conceal Cafe

I was out in Aoyama (met with Lil for lunch at the Dragonfly Cafe), Harajuku, and Shibuya today, and ended up at Conceal Cafe. I’ll probably be going regularly now when I’m in the area — that’s after I’m done with my “Shibuya Cafe Tour.”

More Maid Cafe News

Patrick recently wrote about his visit to a maid cafe in Nakano (in the Broadway shopping center), and THE JAPAN TIMES joins in with a short article on the phenomenon. They actually start off with a description of the economic power that the “otaku” audience now commands, with a “total market size of the major […]

Shibuya Cafes

I picked up the current issue of weekly city magazine OZ because it takes a look at “Shibuya for Adults,” which translates into a look at some really nice cafes, bars, and restaurants in the area. I’ve now got a list of some nice cafes I’ll be checking out next time I’m there: Udagawa Cafe […]

Tea Room Alice

Patrick makes it to Tea Room Alice, a maid-themed cafe in Nakano, and lives to blog about it. Too bad he wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside. It’s true that these sort of cafes are popping up a lot, especially in Akihabara. I saw one featured on TV a while back, and the maid outfits […]