Pause is currently hosting an interesting visual/sound installation by Keisuzuki called “Dustleum.” A mic hovers in the middle of the cafe, and making sounds under it, like clapping your hands, creates random graphic visualizations that are projected on a wall. There is also a DVD for sale. It lasts until December 16. The image above […]

New Plusminuszero

Excite Japan features some of the new Fukasawa Naoto designs for the Plusminuszero brand. Also, I’m not sure if this is new, but the recently opened Aoyama shop — I still haven’t made it there — has a nice-looking cafe on the premises. The Excite link is via Dezain.net.

Compound Cafe

I was at the Compound Cafe today, in Sangenjaya. Very nice space, and neatly divided over 3 narrow floors. The red velvet seats are a nice touch. And the BGM was thankfully non-intrusive. Count me as a new fan. Looking at their website, I see that it’s a Renovation Planning project, who are behind quite […]

Tower Cafe

When I was at Tower Records yesterday to pick up the latest issue of MASSAGE, I picked up a leaflet that advertises a recently opened Tower Cafe in Ebisu. It’s in the same building as the Liquidroom, and from the pictures looks quite stylish. The premises also include a select shop. I’ll try and check […]

Shigoto Cafe Torabayu

I’ve walked in front of the Shigoto Cafe Torabayu (it’s located where the TDB’s Parking 246 event space was being held), and quickly peeked inside. Seems like a nice idea. A huge wall painting of Mt. Fuji, in the style of one you might see in a public bath, looms over throngs of young job […]

Zen Cafes

An article from the INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE takes a look at the growing popularity of Japanese-style healthy cafes and lunches. Fashion-conscious natives of Tokyo are turning their attention inward these days – what they eat is as important as what they wear. Several years ago, the Tokyo fashion slave wouldn’t have been caught dead dancing […]

Book and Cafe 246

Writing this from Cafe 246, which I’ve been meaning to visit for a while now. Book and Cafe 246 are a creation of PAPER SKY magazine (and the cafe is co-produced by the people behind Planet 3rd). The cafe itself is nice, featuring a full food menu (I was expecting mostly drinks), as well as […]