Short Film Cafe Loop

Today I picked up a flyer for what looks like a very interesting cafe. Short Film Cafe Loop, as the title suggests, screens short films as you sip your favorite cafe drink. You can have a look at the program at their site. The cafe itself is in Aoyama, along Route 246 heading towards Shibuya, […]


I’m creating this new post entry on the Pause cafe near my place because I’m often mentioning it, but I have different bits of info scattered throughout the site (you can see all those posts here). The place acts as an office and cafe for Roughtoyz. You can find a map here. It now closes […]


Rice+ is a former rice shop in Kyojima, Sumida-ku, that was renovated and now functions as a unique, alternative art space. Open now at the venue is a cafe that hosts a variety of Okinawan-themed events. The cafe was named Kanasan — meaning “dear” in Uchinaguchi (Okinawan dialect) — after Okinawan artist Yamashiro Chikako, so […]