Overhead Tokyo

Robb, my editor at Tokyo Q, points out that Google Maps now covers Tokyo! It’s fun trying to zoom in on certain locations, like Meiji Jingu, or Tokyo Tower. Update: Get a load of Muji’s Yurakucho store’s red roof!


Even though I’ve lived in Tokyo for years now, I was in Takadanobaba (two stations away from where I live) for the very first time tonight. Met up with Craig, who brought me to a great little Okinawa restaurant (loved the taco rice), and then we sort of wandered around, ending up sitting under Waseda […]

The Gridskipper Round-up

So I did my week of Gridskipper (3rd time), and had a pretty good time doing it. Sure, it’s a hell of a lot of work, but as I go along I seem to be getting a better handle on it. Here are the Tokyo-related posts I did (I really tried not to rely on […]

Gridskipper Round-up

Well, my weeklong stint at Gridskipper is over, and again, it was a blast. Here’s a complete round-up of all my Tokyo-related posts: Two in Shibuya Seleqlo J Select Urbanation a-bridge hhstyle.com/casa OK Fred Pause

A Week on the Grid

Yes, things have been a bit quiet here, but I hope that some of you are still following me over at Gridskipper, and enjoying some of it (as much as I am enjoying writing it). Here’s a list of the Tokyo-related posts I’ve written over the past 3 days: Urbanation a-bridge hhstyle.com/casa OK Fred Pause […]

Gallery Tips

Quick rule of thumb: don’t make any gallery outing plans towards the end of the month. During my walk through Harajuku, Aoyama, and Shibuya yesterday, I checked out the following, only to find that they were between exhibitions: Lapnet Ship, Nadiff, Spiral, and the Logos Gallery. Oh, and I’m sort of disappointed with the KDDI […]

An afternoon in Harajuku and Shibuya

I was going to just stay in Ikebukuro yesterday, run a few errands, taking it easy, but then Yuko had to go to Shibuya (more precisely, to the Todai Komaba campus) and so I went with her. I started out by going to Tower Records to check out the magazines, and it’s when I was […]

Sakura 2005

You can’t very well claim to have a Tokyo blog and not include at least one pic of the sakura in full bloom, so here’s my entry. On Saturday — runny nose and itchy eyes in full effect — we went to Koma, just outside the city on the Seibu-Ikebukuro line. And since I almost […]