An Afternoon in Ginza

Had a great, great day today on one of my first outings in quite a while. I went to Ginza, and also met up with Paul, so we did a few galleries together. First, the GGG of course, for the 2005 TDC exhibition. I really liked this, they had some really nice pieces on display […]

A Late Afternoon in Harajuku and Aoyama

After I wrote my last post at the Ginza Apple Store, I made my way to Muji Yurakucho only to find it so packed that I couldn’t have my usual snack and latte in the Meal Muji area (I didn’t want to wait in line). Also, the Atelier section was lame, only featuring new beds. […]

An Afternoon in Ginza

After 2-3 weeks of being out of action because of my succession of health problems — I’m not completely out of the woods yet though, with allergies currently annoying the hell out of me — I’m finally able to go out for some city walking. First up, the GGG, where I just saw the excellent […]

Ito and the Tongue

Joi Ito digs tongue. The kind you eat that is, and Gridskipper has a post on it. Also, Nick Denton is the guest editor there all week. Update: And now there’s this post on love hotels, which describes exactly what I did (no, I’m not Gortuk) on my first visit to Tokyo, before I moved […]

Tokyo Bookstores

While I’m clearing up some notes, here are a couple of bookstores I keep wanting to check out. Hacknet Pictured above, this bookstore is in Daikanyama. They’re also behind the book sections at Sign and Claska, and have a couple of shops in Osaka. 1-30-10 West Ebisu Utrecht Another attractive bookshop in the vicinity. 2-1-1-2F […]

Tokyo Hotels

One of the things I get emailed about the most is regarding recommendations for hotels in Tokyo. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can usually help with because I’ve never stayed in a hotel in Tokyo — except for the KIMI Ryokan in Ikebukuro, years ago when I first moved here, while I was looking for […]

Underground Tokyo Guidebook

Tokyo Damage Report offers an underground guide to Tokyo, including detailed descriptions and addresses for things that are off the beaten path. I just quickly glanced at it, but it looks like is has some fun suggestions. Link via Boing Boing.

An Afternoon in Ginza

I was just at the Ginza Graphic Gallery for its monthly exhibition, a show I wasn’t even sure I would take the time to check out. I just don’t really care for the esthetics of Balarinji, which is the reason I didn’t mention the show here. Balarinji’s John Moriarty has developed “a design signature that […]