Graffiti in Sakuragicho

From the latest edition of the “Tokyo Initiator’s Diary” at REALTOKYO: After seeing the “Empty Garden 2” exhibition at Watari Museum I buy several books on graffiti at the “On Sundays” bookshop. From there I proceed to Sakuragicho to inspect some real graffities. There are a lot in this area, and some of them are […]

Orange in Tokyo

Online magazine ORANGE takes a tour of Tokyo. Not exactly “my Tokyo,” but it might still offer some suggestions for visitors to the city. A nice thing about ORANGE is that they also have a mobile version of their site (where I read the article).

An Afternoon in Nakameguro

I leave Ikebukuro early in the afternoon for an outing in Nakameguro. The first thing I do when arriving is to take out the issue of RES I brought with me, the one with the Superfuture map of Nakameguro, so I can find the Groovisions shop, GRV1788. As I slowly make my way there, I […]