Takemoto Novala

Last weekend’s ASAHI SHIMBUN sees an article on Takemoto Novala, author of the book SHIMOTSUMA MONOGATARI (English title is to be KAMIKAZE GIRLS), that was recently made into a film starring idol Fukada Kyoko (and Patrick quite liked it). “It didn’t mean I wanted to become a girl. Simply put, I wasn’t interested in stuff […]

ABC No More

Jun over at LDK brings us the terrible news that all seven branches of the Aoyama Book Center bookstores have suddenly closed! Here’s a Yahoo! Japan article on the situation (in Japanese). Very sad news indeed.

Hadashi no Gen

‘Hadashi no Gen’ (Barefoot Gen), a well-known Japanese comic book series about a boy who survived the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima, has been entirely translated into English for publication shortly in the United States, its translators said Saturday. The 10-volume saga, portraying the life of a boy named Gen before and after the horrific […]

My Tokyo Death Cult

MY TOKYO DEATH CULT is a novel by Marc Horne that you can download for free (in PDF form, under the Creative Commons License). Japanese policemen’s guns are small and sort of puny. Except when they are shooting at you. Right now, they are shooting at me and my companion and we are running scared. […]