Getting a DS

I got a Nintendo DS today, that and the SAWARU! MADE IN WARIO game, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Oh yeah, it’s nice, and it’s as fun as I thought it would be. The only downer was that the first system I got suffered from a dead pixel on one of the […]

Nintendo DS in Ikebukuro

From Japan Today: Customers swarm into a shop in Ikebukuro Thursday to buy the new Nintendo DS portable video game console. I want one too, you know. While on my way to work yesterday, I saw someone playing with one on the train. He was totally absorbed.

PS2 Ad

An ad from Sony in the latest issue of TOKYO WALKER (a bi-weekly city guide) advertising the big PS2 releases this holiday season. Pictured (clockwise from bottom left) are RACHET & CLANK 3, DRAGON QUEST VIII, GRAN TURISMO 4, METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER, TALES OF REBIRTH, and KESSEN III. It’s interesting to note […]

Dragon Quest 8

Today marks the release of the very long-awaited DRAGON QUEST 8. As every poster advertising the game announced, the game went on sale at 7 this morning. This of course meant lines galore. About 300 people had lined up outside the main Yodobashi Camera store outside Shinjuku Station’s west exit by 7 a.m. on Saturday, […]

Touch! Exhibition: Feel the DS

I was walking around Harajuku earlier tonight, and when I stopped by Beams-T, I noticed a huge Nintendo DS display with 3 playable systems, part of something called the Touch! exhibition, also featuring Berlin’s Lodown. I had a chance to play the new MADE IN WARIO game (TOUCH! MADE IN WARIO) and Sega’s FEEL THE […]

PSP Everywhere

Get ready for PSP madness to hit the street — alongside the Nintendo DS madness, that has already made it impossible to get a system because they can even match all the pre-orders — with this wacky marketing initiative: According to Shibuya Keizai Shinbun, the company will be promoting the PSP in Tokyo by showcasing […]

San Andreas

OK, I’m coming clean. The site hasn’t been so active these past few days because my life has been completely taken over by GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS. I’m living/breathing the game. I spent countless hours this past weekend stealing, killing, pimping, racing, exploring… The game is truly mind-blowing. I know I’m late to the […]


Well, this piece of news sure makes me want to get a PSP. Fans of Space Channel 5 and Rez will have something to look forward to on the PSP as Bandai will release Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Lumines on December 12. Mizoguchi was the creative lead on both SC5 and Rez. And that video I’ve just […]

Roppongi Hills Monopoly

I saw a blurb on this Murakami Takashi designed Roppongi Hills version of Monopoly about a month ago (at the time of the Monopoly World Championships) in TOKYO WALKER, and here comes METROPOLIS with the following info: Every four years—just like the Olympics—40 players from around the world gather to battle it out over a […]