PSP Madness!

This is getting to be a regular occurrence: first with DRAGON QUEST VIII, then a few days later with the Nintendo DS, and now just over a week later with Sony’s PSP. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc entered the handheld video game market Sunday with the sale of its new PlayStation Portable, pitting it against competitors […]

Getting a DS

I got a Nintendo DS today, that and the SAWARU! MADE IN WARIO game, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Oh yeah, it’s nice, and it’s as fun as I thought it would be. The only downer was that the first system I got suffered from a dead pixel on one of the […]

Nintendo DS in Ikebukuro

From Japan Today: Customers swarm into a shop in Ikebukuro Thursday to buy the new Nintendo DS portable video game console. I want one too, you know. While on my way to work yesterday, I saw someone playing with one on the train. He was totally absorbed.

PS2 Ad

An ad from Sony in the latest issue of TOKYO WALKER (a bi-weekly city guide) advertising the big PS2 releases this holiday season. Pictured (clockwise from bottom left) are RACHET & CLANK 3, DRAGON QUEST VIII, GRAN TURISMO 4, METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER, TALES OF REBIRTH, and KESSEN III. It’s interesting to note […]

Dragon Quest 8

Today marks the release of the very long-awaited DRAGON QUEST 8. As every poster advertising the game announced, the game went on sale at 7 this morning. This of course meant lines galore. About 300 people had lined up outside the main Yodobashi Camera store outside Shinjuku Station’s west exit by 7 a.m. on Saturday, […]

Touch! Exhibition: Feel the DS

I was walking around Harajuku earlier tonight, and when I stopped by Beams-T, I noticed a huge Nintendo DS display with 3 playable systems, part of something called the Touch! exhibition, also featuring Berlin’s Lodown. I had a chance to play the new MADE IN WARIO game (TOUCH! MADE IN WARIO) and Sega’s FEEL THE […]

PSP Everywhere

Get ready for PSP madness to hit the street — alongside the Nintendo DS madness, that has already made it impossible to get a system because they can even match all the pre-orders — with this wacky marketing initiative: According to Shibuya Keizai Shinbun, the company will be promoting the PSP in Tokyo by showcasing […]

San Andreas

OK, I’m coming clean. The site hasn’t been so active these past few days because my life has been completely taken over by GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS. I’m living/breathing the game. I spent countless hours this past weekend stealing, killing, pimping, racing, exploring… The game is truly mind-blowing. I know I’m late to the […]