After 9 years in production, Otomo Katsuhiro’s STEAMBOY will finally see its release in theatres in two days. It’s no secret that Otomo’s AKIRA manga and animated film were turning points for me, and they changed the way I looked at comics and animation. I’ve been waiting for this new film for what seems like […]

Hirano Midori at Mperia

At my urging, Midori has now created an account at the excellent Mperia site. This means you can now show your love and support for her music by easily purchasing the tracks she has to offer: “Another Root” ($0.75) and “Dim” ($1). You just need to create a Bitpass account, which is wicked easy, and […]

The Fuccon Family

A while back Patrick had lent me his copy of The Fuccon Family DVD, and since I’m meeting him tonight and giving it back, I decided to watch it again this morning. If you don’t know what this is about, check my previous posts about the OH! MIKEY series. This is basically the precursor to […]

Lov Songs

Tomorrow marks the release date of the new Kaji Hideki album, LOV SONGS, on Felicity Records. My wife being the Kaji-kun freak that she is, I of course had to pick it up today (in Tokyo, you can always buy an album the day before of its official release date). I’m about halfway through listening […]


So continuing from the previous post, I found that Taichi album because it was sitting next to the new album by Group, BEFORE TURNING OFF THE LIGHT. Taichi is the drummer in the band, and the album has the distinction of having been recorded and mixed by Dry & Heavy’s Uchida Naoyuki. You can listen […]

Weekend Control

I actually did quite a bit of shopping at Tower today, and picked up another album by Taichi, WEEKEND CONTROL. It’s on the Revirth label, and you can listen to the tracks here. The reason I found it was because it was sitting right next to… (see next post).


While at Tower Records in Shibuya today, I picked up the first issue of a new magazine/newspaper (launched a few days ago) by the Gas people, called MASSAGE. Although the main website is just in Japanese, the newspaper (giant-sized, think WEST EAST magazine, and non-stapled) itself is bilingual. Here’s a blurb describing the new endeavour: […]