TB.Pensar 001

What is this? For a while now I’ve been thinking that it might be nice to start writing a (mostly) weekly column-type post in which I could just blab about whatever is on my mind, and that wouldn’t necessarily fit as a regular post on the site. I’ve been told in the past that some […]

Nudie Cafe Compilations

For those interested, I’ve posted the complete playlists — after the jump — for the compilations that we are playing at the cafe during the “Nudie Cafe” event. Contributors are Hideki Kaji, Embee, Hird, Hej Musik, and Marc Xavier LeBlanc (Bones), and all music is 100% Swedish.

From One Year to the Next

Towards the end of the afternoon, we head out to Seibu to get some food from the depa-chika (the basement level of most big department stores hosts mostly pre-cooked food counters, like a giant market – Seibu in Ikebukuro has one of the best ones). As always, we start with cheese and a baguette, and […]


It’s been a busy week for me and my friend Ola [pic 12]. Shorly after FutureDesignDays we took a flight [pic 1] to the royal capital of Sweden, the lovely city of Stockholm [pic 5], to celebrate the 25th birthday of a mutual friend, also named Ola [pic 6]. We were suppose to take a […]

Kill Bill: The Verdict

I went and saw KILL BILL last night, and absolutely loved it. One thing though is that I was a bit surprised by the huge amount of Japanese used in the film, which obviously was not subtitled here. I was expecting some, but not so many scenes done almost entirely in Japanese, and long speeches […]

Shi Mian Mai Fu

Great, great news from the MonkeyPeaches site (covers Asian film news). Seems like Zhang Yimou has started work on his HERO follow-up, and it’s going to be another martial-arts film. Starring Zhang Ziyi, it brings togeter a few HK stars (and Takeshi Kaneshiro) in a film that promises to be another must-see (for those who […]

Sapp Time!

Bob Sapp is a fighter who has taken Japan by storm. An ex-football player (I think he played in the NFL, as well as the NFL’s European league), he came to Japan and started fighting in various disciplines, like the incredibly popular K-1 and PRIDE tournaments, and has become the most recognized face in Japan […]