jkt_cdI just found out that the excellent track that you hear in the teaser trailer for KILL BILL, the next Quentin Tarantino film, is by Japanese artist Tomoyasu Hotei, a very famous rocker. I’m still not sure if the song will appear in the film, or if it was just used in the trailer. You can check out the trailer here and download an MP3 of the track here.

Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke seems to share a lot with me. He’s a Canadian in his early thirties (I turn 30 in a few months) who’s been living in Tokyo for four years. He also likes taking pictures. You can follow his great photolog at his Hunkabutta site. Also check out his photo essay at the Urbanphoto website, which is what led me to his blog. Thanks to Jesper for the link.

Platonic Chain

I just caught the last few minutes of a new anime on late-night Japanese TV called PLATONIC CHAIN. What made me stop is the look of the show, which is something I’ve never seen. The animation is computer generated, but they’ve used cell-shading to give it a cartoony look, even though the characters and movements are very life-like. It seems to follow the misadventures of two kogals (one is even all tanned with the blond hair, almost yamamba-style). Don’t know much else since I only caught the end, but I’ll try watching it again next week.


Yuko was diagnosed today with influenza. It’s a big problem right now in Japan, there’s a big warning, and it finally hit home. The strange thing is that I was sure that I would be the one to bring it home, since I’m in contact with so many kids every week, and a good number of them have been absent in the past few weeks because of it. The thing with influenza is that it’s highly contagious (Yuko could have gotten it from anywhere), and I just hope that I’ll be able to avoid it.

2 Channel

I’ve already talked about Japan’s infamous 2 Channel message board in this log, and here’s a link to an article that appeared in today’s edition of the JAPAN TIMES. My wife used to check it quite often for discussions on North Korea.


Yes, believe it, a new issue of GEISHA is out! Today being a holiday and all, I took the entire evening to create a new issue, and it’s just been freshly uploaded. As always, I played around with the shape a bit. This is is the street issue, and I hope you like it. Click on the “G5” icon at the bottom of the page to launch it.

I just want to add that for users of the Safari browser (like me), the pages don’t appear as they should. There’s a bug that seems to ignore the fact that I’m telling it not to put any borders. No worries though as this is still a beta of the browser, so I’m sure it’ll be fixed by the time the 1.0 ships. It is therefore recommended to view GEISHA in IE, so that it presents itself as intended.

Beautiful Day

After weeks of terribly cold weather here in Tokyo, today is just amazing. We’re supposed to get temperatures up to 16, and it really does feel like a beautiful Spring day. I have all of the windows in the apartment open, and put out our futons outside to air them out. Feels great. I’m just hoping this kind of temperature is going to last.

I’ve got my iTunes on shuffle right now, and as I’m writing this, Fantastic Plastic Machine’s “Beautiful Day” just popped up. How true.