Last Night

Last night I spent a lot time looking into the Movable Type system. Similar to what Blogger does, the nice thing about MT is that it’s openware, meaning it’s not a big company controlling everything (and that ultimately has the option to shut you down anytime it wants). With MT, you install all the cgi scripts on your server, so you’re doing everything. There are also a lot of nice features that aren’t in Blogger, like letting people comment on all the posts, email update notices, and a lot more. It also gives you more power over customizing everything. I’ve got it up and running right now, and I’m still playing around with it to adjust to my needs, and to customize the style sheet into what I want to use (basically, I want something similar to what you see now, as I want to keep the same basic design for my homepage). If everything goes well, I could switch over to MT sometime this week.


Today is my wife’s birthday, as well as our 3rd year wedding anniversary. Oh, how time flies. It was in 1997 that I went to China as a student, where I met her. A year later we were both moving to Tokyo, and a year after that, married. Yuko, I love you, and here’s to many, many more years together.


I just posted TB.26 at The OPi8 Forum. This is probably one of the last logs that will be posted at the forum, since the “transmitters” have now graduated to the main site. I think the switch will probably take place next week. I’ll post more info, and direct links, as it happens.

Japan’s Anything-Goes Mentality

Japan’s anything-goes mentality

As she wondered what to wear to a recent outdoor festival featuring rock, funk, reggae and rave artists, Ami Ishimatsu found something appropriate, for contemporary Japan at least. She matched funky Converse basketball shoes, blue jeans, and a Thai hill tribe jacket and handbag with her lip ring and a tattoo of a Buddhist lotus flower under her navel, all topped by clip-on dreadlocks imported from someone’s head in Jamaica and scrubbed clean for 8,000 yen, or about $65.

Tim Biskup


The artist Tim Biskup has a wonderful site with lots of fun illustrations. I really want the Lucky Stack card set he has for sale, as well as some of the t-shirts at the Gama-Go store. Do check out the “Kaiju” section for his depictions of classic Japanese monsters (of which you see an example on top here).

The Tokyo Record Hunting Service

The Tokyo Record Hunting Service is probably the best damn place on the Net to find amazing deals on used Japanese CDs. Started by my friend Patrick, who is one of the kings of used CD shopping in Tokyo, the site has just seen a huge redesign and now includes an automated shopping cart. You really can find good deals, and he also takes requests. Check often as he’s always adding new stuff.

Response to GEISHA.2

I’m so happy at the great response that my second issue of GEISHA has gotten. It even got a mention in Warren Ellis’ Die Puny Humans weblog. This is certainly encouraging me to continue on with more issues, so again, thanks to all for the nice comments. For those just getting here, you can access GEISHA.2 by clicking on the “g.2” icon near the bottom of this page. Please let me know what you think by clicking on the icon with the envelope.


Well, I spent a good part of Saturday (and most of the night) working on the second issue of my GEISHA ezine, and I’ve just posted it. Please click on the “g.2” icon near the bottom of this page. I was inspired by the coming of Fall, so I ended up using lots of brown. Hope you enjoy it. I think I’m going to try to make these on a monthly basis, so next issue should be up early in November.