EAT 12

Last week I picked up the latest issue of what has become one of my favorite magazines, EAT. This issue has the theme of Rotten, which also includes are favorite fermented foods. There’s also a feature on eating in Montreal (which has nothing to do with the issue’s theme), and I have to say that it really made me miss the city. I plan on heading back to Canada for a visit next Summer, and I already have a list of all the restaurants/cafes/bistros that I need to revisit while I’m there. I’m getting hungry already…


I am now officially on holidays, and I’ve just uploaded the fourth issue of GEISHA. To view it, click on the “G.4” icon near the bottom of the page. Enjoy.


Just a quick note to say that I’ve just finished issue 4 of GEISHA, and I’ll put it up tomorrow (Friday). Tomorrow is also my last day of work before the start of my holidays. Only 5 more Christmas parties to go…


This site doesn’t really seem to have any purpose, but I’ve been having an unhealthy amount of fun just moving my cursor around and making those bubble animals jump and spin around. You probably shouldn’t go there. It’s probably just me.

Scumbags in Japan

Oh, this site is gold, and the URL address says it all: This is how they describe the Shane English School: “Illegal contract conditions, trying to cheat teachers on wages, gouging its teachers and generally a not very nice place to work run by an arrogant 1970’s backpacking hippy scumbag with a U.S. cowboy western name.”

Snow Fallout


The Tokyo area was hit by an unusually early snow Monday that played havoc with air, rail and road traffic, affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers, and caused hundreds of injuries, leaving one boy unconscious after he fell off a roof.

At least 228 people suffered injuries due to the snow, mainly in falls on slippery roads or from roofs, in Tokyo and eight neighboring prefectures, according to a Kyodo News survey of local police forces.

Update on Tokyo Boy and Geisha

I think I’m going to start updating Tokyo Boy on a weekly basis now, instead of twice-weekly, and that will be on Mondays. I just haven’t been taking that many pictures lately, and I’m also getting busy with other things (like focusing on my Japanese language skills).

Also, as for Geisha, I just haven’t been able to get the pictures that I wanted to include in this new issue. I might still try to get it done this weekend, but it won’t end up looking like what I wanted. Tomorrow I’m supposed to go out with friends to the gyoza stadium in Ikebukuro, so maybe that outing will give me some nice material to include.

And Yuko is going nuts over online auctions these days. She has started selling Chinese bags (with the help of a friend in Beijing). You can see one of them here.