TB.32 is up. Pictures of my outing in Shibuya tonight. I went to a place called Soma, which is a nice place to relax at night. The people I was meeting were later going to the Organ Bar for the Yasuharu Konishi’s monthly event there with Tatsuo Sunaga, but being low on cash these days, I had to call it a night early.

Japanese Guard Dog

From Japan Today:

Meet Banryu, the new “guard-dragon” developed by tmsuk Co and Sanyo Electic. The home robot, which was unveiled Wednesday, can move at up to 15 meters a minute and has sight and odor sensors for detecting smoke. It is being touted for home security and will go on sale next year.

Comments for TB

You are now able to leave comments after every entry of my TOKYO BOY log at the OPi8 site, just like you can do here, so feel free to let me know what you think of the TB logs after you visit them.

Mao Zedong

I switched desktops today.

Update (16/08/13): The image that was originally in this post is unfortunately not available anymore. I seem to remember it was some sort of propaganda poster from the Cultural Revolution.


As promised last month, I’ve readied a new issue of my GEISHA ezine. It’s now posted, and you can access it by clicking on the “ge3” icon near the bottom of this page. Hope you enjoy it. I’ll have another issue out next month.

Hong Kong Nocturne

444-FEAT1As planned, I went to see a movie being shown as part of the Shaw Brothers retrospective at the Tokyo International Film Festival. HONG KONG NOCTURNE starring Cheng Pei Pei (better known these days as Jade Fox in CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON) was a musical done in the 60s by a Japanese director, who was remaking one of his own movies, but this time setting it in HK. It was a really fun film with great tunes and costumes. A really funny scene was when a girl is tricked into going to Tokyo, thinking she’s going to become a star, only to meet up with a pinkueiga (infamous Japanese softcore films of the time) director, complete with beret and Hitler style moustache. Oh my. The director and Cheng both showed up at the end for a Q&A session. Cheng brought her daughter along, who did the English translation, and it was amazing how much she looked like her mother in the film.

I just wish I would have been able to see more films at the festival, but this being Japan, the scheduling of course sucked, with every movie being shown during the day, with the latest showing at around 7 at night. Is this a festival only for university students and the jobless?