Snow Fallout


The Tokyo area was hit by an unusually early snow Monday that played havoc with air, rail and road traffic, affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers, and caused hundreds of injuries, leaving one boy unconscious after he fell off a roof.

At least 228 people suffered injuries due to the snow, mainly in falls on slippery roads or from roofs, in Tokyo and eight neighboring prefectures, according to a Kyodo News survey of local police forces.

Update on Tokyo Boy and Geisha

I think I’m going to start updating Tokyo Boy on a weekly basis now, instead of twice-weekly, and that will be on Mondays. I just haven’t been taking that many pictures lately, and I’m also getting busy with other things (like focusing on my Japanese language skills).

Also, as for Geisha, I just haven’t been able to get the pictures that I wanted to include in this new issue. I might still try to get it done this weekend, but it won’t end up looking like what I wanted. Tomorrow I’m supposed to go out with friends to the gyoza stadium in Ikebukuro, so maybe that outing will give me some nice material to include.

And Yuko is going nuts over online auctions these days. She has started selling Chinese bags (with the help of a friend in Beijing). You can see one of them here.

Tokyo Recohan

Just a reminder to check out the Tokyo Record Hunting Service. Best damn place on the Net for used Japanese CDs. There are even little featured artist blurbs now, to give you an idea of why you should be picking some albums. Be original this Christmas and get something different for the music freak that you love so much.


TB.37 is finally up at the OPi8 site, after a one-week break. Stuff from my day at the Resfest.

Also, a big thanks to Warren Ellis for mentioning GEISHA in the latest message of his Bad Signal mailing list. For those popping in because of that, check back in a few days for the fourth issue.

New Geisha Soon

I started work on a new issue of my Geisha ezine tonight, and I plan on finishing it up this week. I usually do them in one night, but there are a few pics I want to take to include in this one (a festive issue), so hopefully I’ll be able to get that done in the coming days. As for Tokyo Boy, it wasn’t updated last Friday as I promised (I got a second attack of intestinal problems, which seems to have cleard up now), but should be tomorrow.

Still Alive

As you can tell by the still updated daily pics, yes, I am still alive, but I just haven’t been into spending a lot of time in front of the computer these few days because of my illness. I’m finally better now, and actually went to work today, so things are looking up. I just hate getting sick, and I’m definitely the worst sick person in the world.

The next TOKYO BOY update will be tomorrow, as usual, and will contain some pics that have showed up on this site this week, as well as new ones. I’ll also talk a bit more about the my Resfest experience, which I really did enjoy (and I’m really, really thankful that I only started getting sick the day after).

Also, this week as seen a few good Japanese releases on the music side of things. Thanks to my good friend Patrick, this is what I’m listening to right now:

why_jktFantastic Plastic Machine – “Why Not?”
New single by FPM. Although in general I’m not as big a fan of FPM’s more recent output, I’m enjoying this single (which includes 4 new tracks). Reminds a lot of Towa Tei’s Sweet Robots Against the Machine stuff.

Mansfield – GOLDEN HOUR
A remix album of a lot of stuff from his MANSFIELD POPP album, which was released earlier this year. Includes a nice cover of Beck’s “New Pollution”.

Haven’t listened to this one much yet, but includes remixes by Yasuharu Konishi, FPM, Cornelius and other Japanese artists.

Also listening to:

B00006IWGV.08.MZZZZZZZKaterine – 8e CIEL
New album by Philippe Katerine. Includes a very wacky video of him performing in drag as a young girl.


No TB today as I am really sick. Somekind of stomach virus or food poisoning. I might post it tomorrow depending on how well I’m feeling (meaning if I can stay long enough out of the toilet room).