Skyrim (Switch)

I’ve never been able to get into the Elder Scrolls series. My first try was with Oblivion, which I played for a while but far from completion. I then tried playing Skyrim when that originally came out on PS3, mostly caught up in the hype, and after about 7-8 hours I called it quits. On […]

Sonic Forces

I need to start by saying just how much I dislike the character designs in this game, and the overall messy story. Every character is just so damn ugly, and it’s painful to watch. So what’s good about this game? I will say that I enjoy playing through the 2D levels, just like I did […]

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is a blast. I liked the first one a lot, even though I stopped playing online after a while, but when this came out for Switch, I was ready to dive into this gameplay again, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I imagine I’ll eventually drop off from playing online […]


When it first got announced, I liked what I saw in terms of the general aesthetic of the game — the same thing I liked about Splatoon at first — but didn’t think it was a game I’d really want to play, as I just don’t tend to play fighting games a lot. But I […]