Digital as Expensive as Print to Produce?

To produce? Maybe for the content itself (although for the most part, content is shared between the two), but one of the biggest selling points for going digital is to save on printing costs and distribution. I do still have problems with some of the points this piece from Forbes brings up though on the […]

National Geographic to Team Up with Adobe for Updated iPad Edition

I was reading this piece at WWD on Adobe’s digital magazine initiative and the release of the new iPad edition of Martha Stewart Living (which uses the Adobe platform), and found this bit near the end rather interesting: Adobe is now moving on to National Geographic. When I reviewed the current National Geographic iPad app […]

Vogue Hommes Japan

So far things have been relatively quiet on the magazine front when it comes to major releases on the iPad, and we’ve been mostly limited to Dentsu’s MAGASTORE, which is basically a Japanese version of Zinio, with the same functionality (but none of the “enchanced” media functionality that is popping up more and more in […]

EGM Media Comes to iPad

Many longtime gamers — myself included — have been very excited to see the return of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) this year, both as a print publication and in the form of a new digital spinoff called EGMi, which comes out weekly and features original content. Without getting into the long publishing history of the […]