It’s official, we finally reserved our tickets today for a weekend trip this week to Seoul. We got a really good deal. Sure, the schedule is rather wacky, but it suits my schedule (with my job, I’m not allowed to take days off when I choose, and in return they give us over 2 months of paid holidays a year, but at designated times). We leave Tokyo Friday night from Haneda Airport (usually reserved for national flights) at 11:30. We arrive in Seoul at around 1 or 2, and then are shuttled to our 4-star hotel in the center of the city. We get two nights at the hotel, and then on Sunday night we need to get back to the hotel at 10-11 to get shuttled back to the airport. Our flight leaves at 2-3, and we arrive in Tokyo at around 5 in the morning. Yes, it’s crazy, but it’s going to be fun, and it’ll be a nice change of scenery for a couple of days. Expect lots of pictures in the weeks to come. It’ll be the first time I go to South Korea.

One unfortunate side to this is that it means I’ll be missing the moblogging conference (1IMC) on Saturday. It sucks because I was really looking forward to attending and meeting lots of interesting people that are interested in this thing that I obviously adore. Buuuuuut, the amazing deal we got for the trip was only good this weekend (prices start getting more expensive in the coming weeks), so we had to jump on it.