The Long Trip

Well, I made it to Canada safely, but it wasn’t the smoothest of trips. All our bags were opened and checked at Narita, which took time, and then when we got to the counter to get our seats, it ended up that me and Yuko couldn’t sit together. Then, on the plane, there was a medical emergency just before takeoff, and one passenger had to get off and they had to find their baggages in the hold (which took time). I was getting worried because we only had an hour to make our connecting flight in New York. The overseas flight wasn’t too bad, as Continental has those personal video devices at every seat, even in economy, so I ended up watching lots of stuff (X2, which I had been wanting to see, DOWN WITH LOVE, which I thought was really fun, and 3 episodes of CSI). The food wasn’t bad either (yeah, I actually like airline food). We finally got to Newark airport at about the time we were supposed to arrive, but then there were long lines at customs and we had to pick up our bags (which took forever). The boarding time for our other flight had already passed, and so we were running through the airport to get to our other gate. At the security gate they decided to do a full search of me because I had walked too hurredly through the detector. The good news is that when we finally got to the gate, the plane had been delayed because of bad weather. I am definitely not looking forward to the trip back home.

It’s good to be back in Canada, especially after a 2 and a half year absence. Eating every meal outside in back of the house on a huge patio, surrounded by green and birds. It’s quiet. Had some cheese and bread for breakfast, quiche, salad and more cheese with a bit of wine for lunch. Ah, the holidays. We just got back from doing a grocery with my mother, which ended up being $220, and mostly comprised of things that are going to absolutely kill any chance of maintaining my present weight. Cheese Whiz and ice-cream sandwiches. Hmmm…