Osaka Ramen


Let us head back to Osaka, with a picture of a subject that is close to my heart: ramen shops. This is another popular ramen shop in Osaka, not far from the Dotonburi area. Standing only, and it smelled oh-so good (didn’t have time to try a bowl, unfortunately). Oh, and speaking of ramen, I am so happy to see that the huge line-ups which were a constant at the Komen shop in Ikebukuro have pretty much disapeared ever since they changed the taste (a definite downgrade in taste at that, in the opinion of your humble host). That’ll teach them! And in other ramen news, the wide shows today were all talking about how Keanu Reeves visited a famous ramen shop in Ebisu (Kazuki Ramen, a shop I visited a while ago), and very much enjoyed it.