New Solo Nara Yoshimoto Exhibit


The Tomio Koyama Gallery is hosting the first solo Nara Yoshimoto exhibit in 4 years. Sounds like something I need to attend, as up until now I’ve only seen a few works of his in group shows. From REALTOKYO:

Nara Yoshitomo is one of those popular young artists that are now totally established in the Japanese contemporary art scene. Countless character goods created by the artist are on sale, but despite all that clamor around him, Nara’s works are characterized by a neat and tidy impression. A look at Nara’s naive and somewhat vulnerable yet powerful creations makes one forget all the hustle and bustle outside in a second. On display at the artist’s first solo show in four years at Tomio Koyama Gallery are a number of new drawings. It’s a good chance to carefully view the artist’s works that have been shown mainly in big group exhibitions recently.