Asia Videoart Conference


What the hell is going on? What’s up with all this cool stuff happening in Tokyo right now! When I’ll be in Ginza to check out that Kono show, I think I’ll have to give the Asia Videoart Conference a visit too (and of course, any visit to Ginza must now include a look-see at the new Apple Store). REALTOKYO gives the rundown: If the film camera was the fountain pen of the early days of cinema, the video camera would be the ball-point pen of cinema today. Gathering now in Tokyo are young video artists from all over Asia, demonstrating how that handy little tool has become almost an another appendage. Although themes such as “body,” “landscape,” “city,” “media,” or “signal” may sound a bit abstract, they are jotted down as “ball-point” memos of the participating artists’ concrete experiences. Visitors are invited to take part in workshops and conferences after viewing the videos, which might help one better grasp that “Asian” something that is often difficult to express in words.