Jean Nouvel


After Ginza I was off to Shinjuku to check out the Jean Nouvel exhibit at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery. Nouvel has produced an amazing array of works, all buildings that I would absolutely love to visit in person. A while back I mentioned an article in CASA BRUTUS about “slow architecture,” and he would seem to be the posterboy for it. The show was a feast for the eyes, especially the large-scale slide show (check out the dedicated site for the exhibit and you can go through a tour of the whole show). The one downside was that all the info panels were in Japanese only, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of viewing the works on display. A must-see for any fan of modern architecture.

The second floor gallery had a not-bad exhibit called LANDSCAPES WITH ARCHITECTURE. I was especially fond of the works by Minoru Nomata. There was something about his towers that I found quite attractive.