Liquid Room’s Last Dance

The Liquid Room is an infamous venue located on the 7th floor of a building in Kabukicho, and it’s closing at the end of the year. I’ve only been there once, and it was to see an Ian Brown gig. Here’s more info on the last event taking place there (from REALTOKYO):

Still looking for a party to dance in the new year? Whether your answer is yes or no, please plan to drop by the Liquid Room. Not necessarily for the music or the fun, but because — as the dramatic title suggests — this will be your last chance to set foot on the dance floor of Shinjuku’s legendary club/live house. The sad truth is that the end of the year coincides with the closing of Liquid Room, and as a fan of Tokyo’s underground/club music, consider it your duty be at LR in its final hour. DJs are Tanaka Fumiya and Takkyu Ishino, with a visual feast by Ukawa Naohiro.