Kazumasa Nagai

g212p1Time to go again to the Ginza Graphic Gallery to check out the Kazumasa Nagai poster exhibition. It lasts until January 31. Here’s a bit of background info taken from the GGG site: “The Ginza Graphic Gallery’s first exhibition of 2004 will focus on the posters of Kazumasa Nagai. In recent years Mr. Nagai has garnered global attention for his series of “Life” posters featuring animals in an ecological perspective. His unique realm of artistic expression, evolving over time, is both deeply moving and refreshingly unexpected. The forthcoming exhibition will provide a broad window on Mr. Nagai’s poster works stretching back over the past half-century. A total of 125 works will demonstrate the unique graphic world he has forged in the postwar era. A series of five new works will also be on exhibit for the first time.”