perfectjokeI’ve also been listening to a new album by COPTER4016882, PERFECT JOKE. It came out on Capsule’s label Contemode, and so you should know what to expect (Capsule definitely see themselves as the P5 of the new millennium – only problem is that they sound a little bit too much like the P5 of the nineties). Yes, this is club pop, and owes its sound to the Shibuya-kei scene (cue Momus to remind us that we are reliving 1998). So why do I mention the album at all? Well, this is not bad stuff at all, and there are quite a few good tracks on here. Again, I think that it’s very compatible with the Spring mood I’m finding myself in these days. You can listen to a few samples at the Contemode site. Patrick says it “should please picopico and Kahimi fans.”