Aqui Uzumaki

artwork2I got my copy of the SONIDO UZUMAKI compilation the other day (more info in my previous post), and am really enjoying it. I can’t really comment on my favorite artists/tracks as I’ve just been listening to it on my iPod (with my iMac’s HD being dead, it means I can’t really listen to music at home until I get it replaced; it also brings up the fact that the iPod’s remote really should display track info, like the one’s that come with MD players). The thing about this release is that it forms the soundtrack to a group art show called “Aqui Uzumaki,” and I just learned that the thing is still being held now at the Hanna gallery in Ginza. Had I known, I certainly would have checked it out when I was in the area last weekend. The following link from Mumbleboy’s site has all the info. It’s on until August 23, so still plenty of time to check it out.