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The biggest thing to have happened while I was experiencing my domain problems was the launch of Tokyo Art Beat, a new indispensable site for anyone who’s into art/design events happening in Tokyo, and best of all, in English!

Your TV has 12 channel, Tokyo has over 300 art venues. offers the most comprehensive listings of art & design related events in the Tokyo area with permanently more than 150 events & 300 venues’ details. All are cleverly classified by categories, areas, time schedules or interests and allow you to discover, in just a few clicks, the wealth of culture pounding and resonating throughout the city.

Paul of IN-duce is one of the people behind the project, and I am so happy to see it finally launch. Yes, I’m going to be using TAB quite a lot (and so will most of the Tokyo-based readers of this site), and you will definitely be getting links to it when I mention events I plan on checking out. I mean, really, the site is amazing. For every event happening, you get detailed info on fees, times, adresses, maps, access points, a QR barcode to view a map on your mobile, and some of the listings even mention other shows taking place nearby, so you can plan an afternoon out. You also get special categories that will be very useful: last few days, just started, free entrance, open late…

And kudos for the tagline: Art and Design Amplifier. Yeah.