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Tokyo Night Scape 2050

This sounds like something to check out.

Have you ever thought about how the nightscape of Tokyo in the year 2050 could look like? The “One million people’s candle night” is enjoying popularity, so maybe the habit of using flashy lights will disappear, but we might as well experience a growing development of LED and other lighting technology that will result in even more dazzling brightness. This event gives a total of 119 designers, photographers, architects, artists and others the chance to show their ideas of the city’s nightscape in 2050. Under the direction of Mende Kaoru, who is responsible for the lighting in the Roppongi Hills complex, the likes of Astrid Klein + Mark Dytham, Oiwa Oscar Satio, Uchida Shigeru, Igarashi Taro, and others contribute to a unique exhibition by presenting their presumptions in texts and visuals. (REALTOKYO)

It starts today at the Matsuya store in Ginza, and ends November 8.