Shigoto Cafe Torabayu

I’ve walked in front of the Shigoto Cafe Torabayu (it’s located where the TDB’s Parking 246 event space was being held), and quickly peeked inside. Seems like a nice idea.

A huge wall painting of Mt. Fuji, in the style of one you might see in a public bath, looms over throngs of young job hunters in Shigoto Cafe Torabayu, an employment information center in Tokyo’s trendy Omotesando district.

The facility was opened recently by Recruit Co. to mark the overhaul of its job information magazine Torabayu, and to provide a space for job hunting in the kind of relaxing atmosphere you might expect to find at a public bath. In fact, the Mt. Fuji painting was executed by 69-year-old bathhouse painter Kiyoto Maruyama.

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