Design Music


The “SOUND X VISION 2004” exhibition is currently touring a few cities before arriving in Tokyo in December, and REALTOKYO mentions the official CD/DVD package that has been out for at least a month now.

The “SOUND X VISION 2004” sound/visual exhibition is currently traveling Osaka, Sendai, Yamaguchi and Tokyo. A look at director Hariya Shusaku’s previous activities suggests that this event is somewhat an inevitable consequence of his efforts, and considering that he is also an editor who has been publishing the cross-media magazine “Salon”, the same thing can be said about this box consisting of a CD and a DVD that includes all audio-visual works and a “documentary”. Those who appreciated the interviews in the previous Salon issues will no doubt enjoy hearing the artists (mainly from Japan and Germany) talk about their contributions tto this project and thoughts on music and imagery in general, whereas this time it’s especially nice to have the actual works on the same disk for reference. Another cutting-edge, landmark kind of product just as we know it from Hariya Shusaku.

I’m pretty sure Patrick picked it up a while back, and I still need to borrow it from him.