Found through Warren:

There are blogs, moblogs, vlogs and even Kellogs. But now, thanks to liberated attitudes and the Japanese language’s lack of an “l,” the latest online fad in this country is erogs, erotic blogs, according to Asahi Geino (5/19).


“Eroggers, the name given to the mostly female participants who post saucy pictures onto their erogs, are the hottest current new trend on the (Japanese) Internet. While a lot of them may simply want somebody else to look at them in an erotic situation, in my humble opinion, I’d say there are a lot of eroggers who want people to look at them as ‘real women,” Kyosuke tells Asahi Geino. “I think a lot of them like getting comments from male readers telling them about how beautiful, or cute they are. Eroggers like the idea that there are guys out there who find their looks attractive and desirable, or who want to make love to them. These are things husbands or boyfriends may often feel but not express. Erogs make it easy for people to write stuff they may otherwise be embarrassed about saying out loud and they also allow for raw opinions from others.”

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