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Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 27

056F-170I went to my first Pecha Kucha Night at SuperDeluxe earlier tonight, and had a great time. I’ve never attended because I only get back home around 9 on Wednesdays, and with the event always starting at 7:30-8, I never figured it was worth going. But I had to meet some people about an article, and found out that it ends up going until around 11. Noriko Honma, one of main people behind Swedish Style, gave a presentation, and it was nice to see a slide on our Mamma Gun event and the Snapazoo. Also, I was surprised to learn during the Klein Dytham presentation (they actually organize the whole thing) that the new Uniqlo flagship store in Ginza is by them! The pics actually made me want to have a look inside (honestly, I haven’t been to a Uniqlo shop in ages — but today’s mention by Yuki on her site that they’re producing clothing with airline branding also got me wanting to check out one of their stores again).

So yeah, Pecha Kucha, great stuff, and I’m already looking forward to the next edition (even if I have to miss the first half). Actually, they have tons of interesting events happening next week also, including special Pecha Kucha nights, and celebrations for the bar’s 3rd year anniversary (have a look at the schedule). I imagine that me and Jesper will end up there a bunch of times…