All About Tokyo Cafe Mania

I’ve always been a big fan of the Tokyo Cafe Mania site — and it’s where I’ve gone many times to get ideas on what cafe I should try out — but hadn’t visited in a while. I recently did go to the site for a refresher, and was surprised to see that the person behind the site, Yoko Kawaguchi, is now the cafe guide on the Japanese version of All About, and all the cafe archives/listings are now hosted there. It’s still a great resource, and definitely comes in handy (be warned: it’s pretty much impossible to navigate unless you have some Japanese ability).

On a side note, Kawaguchi also did a review of Cafe Pause this past year, and I just happened to be there while she did her research and took some pictures.

Pictured above is the Escalator Cafe (part of the Escalator Records shop) in Harajuku. Here’s the Tokyo Cafe Mania page.

Update (16/10/24): The image is no longer available.