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Tokyo Bike Goes Upscale


I really like the bikes from Tokyo Bike (or, and I’ve pretty much decided on getting their Tokyo Bike Sport model. At the new Ginza Hands store, inside the Marronnier Gate shopping center, the bike corner is pretty much just made up of various models from Tokyo Bike, and includes a very expensive gold-plated model (around 270 000 yen, compared to the usual price of 50 000 yen that most models go for), and a Ginza Hands-only version of the Tokyo Bike Sport that runs 10-15 000 yen over the regular price, with what I’m assuming are a few better components (the seat and grip colors are different, sporting red highlights).

UpdateCraig Mod chimes in with more details:

Actually, that expensive model is a custom build for Tokyo Bike by famous Keirin builder 松田志行氏. His shop is close to Nippori, which is close to Yanaka, which is where Tokyo Bike is, which may explain the collaboration.

He has a pretty nice showroom of some of his more interesting bikes. I highly recommend checking it out.

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