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Following the release of his new album ‘Random Veneziano’, Hypo makes a flying visit to the country again for a single appearance in Tokyo. With guests including label mate O.lamm, Japanese artist Sawako (who performs at this event too), and special friend Momus, the successor of Hypo’s second album ‘Karaoke A Capella’ sees the Frenchman gear up and gain both speed and pop-compatibility. Somewhat a curiosity in the age of the laptop computer, Hypo juggles MD decks, turntables, mixers and other gear, and at this event it will be particularly interesting to see how he handles all this in a live set, and how the completion of the album affected his performance style. (REALTOKYO)

hypoThe show takes place at the Warszawa Fourth Floor venue in Kichijoji on June 14 (19:00-23:00). Admission is only 1500 yen, and includes a drink. More info here.

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Short Shorts Film Festival 2004

‘Biting sharpness, a lingering afterglow, and the fire of a rough diamond.’ According to Short Shorts representative, actor Bessho Tetsuya, these are the attributes that make short films so attractive. One of the outstanding titles among the 1,481 entries that were submitted for this festival’s sixth installment include ‘Lost In Translation’ maker Sophia Coppola’s ‘Lick the Star’. It is reportedly some kind of prototype of the director’s film ‘The Virgin Suicides’, and this alone should be reason enough to watch it. Also on the program in this Olympic year are a number of Greek contributions. ‘Short Shorts Asia’, by the way, which is going to be held in October, is still calling for entries, so I recommend all filmmakers and video artists to send their works. (REALTOKYO)

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