Psionic Distortion Wrap Up

Kiiiiiii will participate in the PSIONIC DISTORTION wrap up event happening tomorrow night (November 30) at SuperDeluxe. DJs will include Minoru,, Ito Keiji, and Namaiki. Kiiiiiii’s involvement is to contribute two animated shorts to a special video screening. It starts at 7 (until late), and costs 2000 yen (includes 1 drink).


Marxy's Blog

Marxy has just converted the diary section of his site, Neomarxisme, to Movable Type and will now be blogging regularly. Check out the latest post, that has a great little clip of Kiiiiiii in action!

Events Music

Duty Free 0!

Tomorrow (Sunday) sees Kiiiiiii in action again (as well as bands Pushpin and Ikebana, and some DJs), this time at SuperDeluxe. The show goes from 4 to 9 (Kiiiiiii are first on stage), and costs 2500 yen, including a drink. The SuperDeluxe site also mentions that there will be “interesting and original goods for your […]


Sonido Uzumaki

Trevor’s Music Related label (now sporting a new site) is doing it again with an interesting new release. This time it’s a compilation CD going by the title SONIDO UZUMAKI, and it features a mix of Japanese and non-Japanese artists alike. Again, you can download an MP3 preview track, and that’s what got me hooked. […]


Sweet Potatoes

This yakiimo (baked sweet potatoes) vendor is probably not doing much business on such a warm sunny day. This is the first time I see one pushing a small cart like this. In my neighborhood, they usually drive around in a truck with the traditional oven in the back, speakers blaring “Yaaaakiiiiiiiimoooooooooooo!”