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Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Welcome Amiibo Update)

So yes, that big update they released for Animal Crossing: New Leaf a month ago got me to play the game again (something I hadn’t done in at least a year, probably much more). Not only that, but it got me to buy a bunch of Animal Crossing amiibo as well (thankfully that I found on sale), including the Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival game for the Wii U (for the amiibo that come with it). I’m not completely sucked into it again, but I do go in every few days, play the new mini games, scan in an amiibo to see what they’ll be bringing over in their RV, and sometimes go cut a rug at Club LOL. Just gets me that much more excited for the Animal Crossing we’re sure to get on the Switch, and also the mobile game set to come out next year.