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Beyond: Two Souls

This was a game from last year I really wanted to play – I did love Heavy Rain – and I’ve finally gotten around to playing it. I must say, it beats Heavy Rain on every level. The story is engaging – and despite the criticism I read, I quite like the fact that it jumps around in the timeline – and there’s much more “game-y” gameplay than in Heavy Rain – even the QTE elements are done in a more interesting way, especially with the action. I also dug how it makes you play through the mundane parts of a person’s life. For example, the cleaning up and preparing for the main character’s date night made a good point of how important this was to her, and then when the date was happening, since I wanted it to go well, I had to fight the temptation to let Aiden ruin in. Can’t wait to play David Cage’s next game.