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Crimson Shroud

This is part of Level-5’s Guild series of downloadable games that have been coming out on 3DS, 6 or 7 of them so far (the first 4 were originally released together). The eShop currently has all of them on sale for $3, so I immediately jumped on Crimson Shroud, which I’d had my eye on for a while. What a neat game. It’s a light RPG that takes its influence from tabletop games, and that means not only are all of the characters and monsters portrayed as figurines, but you also go and roll a bunch of dice throughout the game. Being the board game geek that I am, it’s no surprise that I love this, but I think anyone would really get a kick out of the presentation and gameplay. I do plan on getting all of the Guild games, and can’t recommend enough Attack of the Friday Monsters, a game I loved to bits.