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Legends of Localization Book 2: EarthBound

I’m already in need of the first Legends of Localization book, covering The Legend of Zelda, and book 2, covering EarthBound, looks just as amazing. There’s plenty of photos to gawk at on the Fangamer order page, and here’s also very positive review on Tiny Cartridge.

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Hobonichi Techo 2017

I haven’t used a paper planner in years and so can’t really justify getting one (I even still bought one for years, that would never see much use), but I still lust for one every year, and the object of my desire is always the Mother-inspired covers that have been part of the Hobonichi Techo collection for the past few years — this year you have 1994 (pictured above), Memories (picture below), and Ness. Why the Mother (or Earthbound, as it was known outside of Japan) covers? Mother creator Shigesato Itoi is also behind the Hobonichi Techo line.

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Mother 1+2 Piano Concert


If I was in Tokyo today, I would have made a point of going to Joseph’s Pico Pico Cafe for a piano concert of music from the first two Mother games (known as EarthBound in the west) by Kousuke Hata. You can also purchase two CDs of his Mother music at the cafe.

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I got this on Christmas day through the Virtual Console, and I felt like a kid, holding up my Wii U controller and entering this Super Nintendo-powered world. Smaaash! I kinda feel like I should be wearing my Mother t-shirt when I’m playing this.