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Destiny of Spirits

This is a new free-to-play game that just came out for Vita, a collaboration between Japan Studio and Q Entertainment. I’m finding it interesting so far, although I just started playing it last night. It’s all about summoning and collecting spirits, and then going on missions that are basically just battles, like what you see pictured here. After you’ve selected the spirits you want to sent to combat, it then runs on auto, and you can pause it to re-direct your attacks, use special actions, etc. The big thing of the game seems to be that it uses location data, so where you are when you play the game will affect the kinds of spirits you can summon. You can also trade spirits with friends, and there may be even more friend interaction that you can do, but I don’t know anyone else playing this yet – and there’s no reason you shouldn’t, since it is a free download after all. I’m of course always weary when it comes to free-to-play stuff, but I’m still curious to give this a few more play sessions, to see what I get out of it.