Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I was pretty excited to watch this — as I wrote when I re-watched The Secret Service not that long ago, I liked it much more the second time around, and was now hyped for more. Overall, I can say I enjoyed it, especially the action sequences which are all top notch (especially that car fight at the beginning). I also really did like the portrayal of Statesmen — the American version of Kingsman — and wouldn’t mind seeing them more in a future entry (if that happens). I did feel that some sequences ran a bit long, in that when I’m watching a film like this I don’t really care about character development (seeing Harry take so long to get his memory back really was a bore), but they jammed in enough fun eye candy and enjoyable action that it didn’t detract too much from my enjoyment. I also found Poppy to be a more fun villain than Samuel L. in the first one, who I couldn’t stand.