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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

As much as I wanted to play this when it came out – I do consider myself a fan of the series – I absolutely refused to buy it because I didn’t want to support the pricing scheme. Charging $30 for this would indicate that you are getting half of what you would get from the full game (at $60), but that’s definitely not what you’re getting here, no matter how much time you can end up spending trying to unlock all aspects of it (side missions). But yes, I did want to play it, to experience a Snake mission on the PS4, and finally got to do just that by borrowing a friend’s copy. The visuals do indeed pop as you play – it’s hard to imagine better “realistic” graphics – and I did quite like going through the mission, although I did experience some camera movement weirdness when I would sneak around while carrying someone. This teaser does make me even more excited to play The Phantom Pain when it comes out, but they really should have charged $15 for this, $20 max (I know the PS3 was priced at $20, but that doesn’t matter to me, since I only wanted to play the PS4 version).