2017 Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

Sure, who cares about the Oscars, but they are a platform for what is the biggest celebration of film during the year, and so seeing what constantly wins in the two animated categories continues to be an exercise in frustration. They seem to be treated as a purely technical award, and so whoever has the best tech on show tends to win, hence anything Disney/Pixar winning┬ábest animated feature for the latest 10 years or so, and then this year Pixar’s “Piper” winning best animated short. I decided to watch all of the shorts last night, and although “Piper” is indeed a technically wonderfully animated piece, outside of that, it actually feels inconsequential. I’d easily place every other nominee above it, especially “Pearl,” “Pear Cider and Cigarettes,” and “Blind Vaysha” above it — and that last one is absolutely the film that deserved to win, hauntingly animating a sad yet stirring tale of a girl who has eyes that see the past and future at the same time. Do yourself a favour though and go watch all of them, as they form a great collection of entertaining tales.