Tag: Web Design

  • The Magaziner

    I gotta say I’m getting a kick out of this: In the past 24 hours I conceived of a site, a name, bought the domain, got it working, installed WordPress, imported posts from this site, found a theme that I modded to my liking, and have now launched my latest project, something I’m calling The…

  • Yume no Byouin Project

    Beautiful (and simple) site design featuring the illustrative work of Yorifuji Bunpei. Via Paul Baron.

  • iA3 WordPress Theme

    Information Architects (iA) has begun selling the template for its site as a proper WordPress theme, and is using a “dynamic pricing” strategy to determine the selling price — they talk more about the strategy here. It’s currently selling for $33, but that will be for the first 100 purchases only, which will be followed…