Month: February 2004

  • Portrait of a Japanese Man

    Yuko was at school yesterday to check on some things, and she met an old classmate she hadn’t seen in 7-8 years. He now works for Hitachi. He’s also an active mountain climber, and has climbed to the top of Everest. He was at the university to meet with students in the mountain climbing club.…

  • I Love Paranoia Agent

    Kon Satoshi’s PARANOIA AGENT is blowing me away. I’ve seen the first 4 episodes now, and I can honestly say that it beats anything else I’ve seen. What Kon is doing with this series is a continuation of the brilliance he’s displayed in films like PERFECT BLUE and MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, with absolutely nothing being watered…

  • Infobar Annin

    Oh, I just love the new Infobar mobile from AU. It’s name, ANNIN, refers to a Chinese desert called annin doufu.

  • Nakame Street Art

    Some stickers in Nakameguro. Shot taken with the A5403CA mobile phone.

  • Sonja Peng

    Stunning flash work by Sonja Peng. It was the multimedia winner at the Rockstar Games Upload III competition.

  • Bukkake Comic

    Susannah Breslin has written a short comic strip about bukkake, and it’s being hosted at

  • Lost in Translation in Japan

    From Japan Today: It will open at one Tokyo theater with seating for about 300. Depending on ticket sales in the first two weeks, other theaters may show it for about a month. – Yosuke Watanabe, a spokesman for “Lost in Translation” distributor Tohokushinsha, on the film’s low-key release in Japan in late April.

  • ACA Media Arts Festival

    Last mention of REALTOKYO for the day, I promise (sorry, but I haven’t been web surfing lately)! This Media Arts Festival at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (same place that hosted the very cool LEVEL X show) looks like something I’d like to check out. How “artistic” are these “media arts”? What were the…

  • Kim Ki-Duk

    Looks like I’m going to have to get a hold of some films by Korean director Kim Ki-Duk. From RT: With his unique style, director Kim Ki-duk has created himself a reputation as a “Korean Kitano Takeshi” (or Miike Takashi if you want) at festivals around the world. His provocative films have ambivalent qualities mixing…

  • Offbeat

    This festival-on-a-DVD thing from the 89mm label sounds really cool. Here’s the REALTOKYO blurb: Launched in 2002 in Berlin, “short film label” 89mm has so far released a number of shorts on floppy disk. In a special project with the e:motion label, this time 89mm presents a DVD containing 13 collaboration pieces by pairs of…