Like it’s 1993

I overshot the end of 2023, but I finally finished my movie marathon for 1993 (following 1967, 1968, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992). There were still quite a few films I was thinking of watching (I didn’t even get to Jurassic Park), but after 30 I felt like it was enough, especially since this year I still have 1984 and 1994 to get through. Below is the list of all 30 movies I watched, with links to all of the mini reviews I wrote on Letterboxd (and here’s the X thread). Next up, I’ll take a 1-2 month break, and then kick off 1984, which will be the final 80s marathon I do, since I kickstarted all of this with 1985, and so will have done the entire decade.

  1. Addams Family Values
  2. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
  3. Body Snatchers
  4. Carlito’s Way
  5. Dazed and Confused
  6. Demolition Man
  7. Falling Down
  8. Farewell My Concubine
  9. Groundhog Day
  10. Hard Target
  11. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
  12. M. Butterfly
  13. National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1
  14. Needful Things
  15. Patlabor 2: The Movie
  16. Robocop 3
  17. Sonatine
  18. The Age of Innocence
  19. The Dark Half
  20. The Firm
  21. The Fugitive
  22. The Heroic Trio
  23. The Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk
  24. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  25. The Pelican Brief
  26. The Scent of Green Papaya
  27. Three Colors: Blue
  28. Tombstone
  29. True Romance
  30. Wayne’s World 2
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Thrillin’ and Chillin’ in October 2023

I just realized the other day that I had completely forgotten to put up a post once I finished my annual horror movie marathon this past October (here’s the X thread to prove it), and so here goes. I still love doing this, the 6th year (666?) doing it, following 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. I’m impressed I managed to watch this much, considering that in October we had an 11-day trip to Japan, and also moved to a new apartment. Here then is the list of what I watched, with links to my mini reviews on Letterboxd for the movies.

  1. American Horror Story: Delicate
  2. Body Snatchers
  3. Castlevania: Nocturne
  4. Disco Inferno
  5. Five Night at Freddy’s
  6. Flashback
  7. Influencer
  8. Needful Things
  9. No One Will Save You
  10. Pariah Nexus
  11. Resident Evil: Death Island
  12. Smile
  13. Talk to Me
  14. The Blackening
  15. The Boogeyman
  16. The Dark Half
  17. The Exorcist: Believer
  18. The Fall of the House of Usher
  19. The Midnight Club
  20. Undead Girl Murder Farce
  21. Underwater
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Favorite Media of 2023

For the 14th time (following 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022), here then is my entirely subjective compilation of favorite media I devoured over the past year. The main rule? It only contains things that were released in 2023, which of course means there’s tons I’ve missed (or haven’t had time to get to yet) that I’ll end up enjoying in the years to come, but I still find it to be a fun exercise to do, and hopefully it acts as recommendations for others. For each category I include a top 5 in alphabetical order, and then include a few honorable mentions (also in alphabetical order) if warranted. Let’s jump in.

Favorite Games
The biggest change in my gaming life this past year was getting a Steam Deck, which finally gave me the opportunity to play PC games in a big way (and I later even got an Asus ROG Ally, to play PC games from the Epic Games Store, PC Game Pass, Ubisoft Connect, and even Steam stuff that doesn’t run on the Deck). That also meant that a lot of what I played was from previous years, as I dove into a lot of things that I had in my Steam library, and added a lot as well. But this is representative of my favorite games that were released in 2023, including stuff like MK8, Vampire Survivors, and Warframe because they received new content.

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)
  • Pikmin 4 (Nintendo Switch)
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Nintendo Switch)
  • The Crew Motorfest (Xbox Series S)
  • The Making of Karateka (PC)

Honorable Mentions: Hi-Fi Rush (Xbox Series S), Jusant (Xbox Series S/PC), Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (Xbox Series S/PC), Metroid Prime: Remastered (Nintendo Switch), Parnanormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo (PC), Planet of Lana (Xbox Series S), The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Nintendo Switch), Vampire Survivors (PC), Warframe (Xbox Series S)

Favorite Movies
Looking at my favorite films of the year you’d think I just like stuff that’s action-related, but I definitely watch more older films than I do new ones, and continue to do my year-based movie marathons — this time for 1983 and 1993 (still ongoing), and you can see my faves from those years below — as well as my October horror marathon.

  • John Wick: Chapter 4
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
  • The Creator
  • The Killer

Honorable Mentions: A Haunting in Venice, Barbie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Nimona, Shortcomings, The Covenant, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Wingwomen (Voleuses)

Favorite Movies of 1983

  • National Lampoon’s Vacation
  • Never Say Never Again
  • Octopussy
  • The Dead Zone
  • Trading Places

Favorite Movies of 1993

  • Dazed and Confused
  • Sonatine
  • The Firm
  • The Fugitive
  • The Scent of Green Papaya

Favorite TV
The biggest change this year is that despite the fact that my absolute favorite thing to watch every week continues to be all of the AEW weekly pro wrestling shows (Dynamite, Rampage, and Collision), it always takes up one of my top 5 slots, and since it’s live content and I watch it via a streaming service (Triller TV), I’m moving that to what used to just be my “Web” category (where I already include F1 anyway). Also, I’d say this is probably the strongest top 5 I can remember having, as I loved all of these series incredibly and equally.

  • Copenhagen Cowboy
  • Poker Face
  • Scavengers Reign
  • The Bear
  • Welcome to Wrexham

Honorable Mentions: Ahsoka, A Murder at the End of the World, Blue Eye Samurai, Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story, Break Point, Citadel, Drive to Survive, Sanctuary, The Makanai

Favorite Anime Series
Another great year for anime, with a few returning series with new seasons. I think the biggest surprise has been Frieren, as I don’t generally like fantasy series, but his one just feels so different and special.

  • Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Phoenix: Eden17
  • Pluto

Honorable Mentions: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, Nier Automata

Favorite Web/Sports
I’m updating this category this year to include both web content and sports, which I was sort of already doing by including F1 TV in previous years, but I want to move all pro wrestling content here (instead of in the “TV” category).

Favorite Albums
Last year I feel like I included way too many records in the honorable mentions section, so this year I’m trying to highlight just records I think I really listened to the most, or that I feel were really favorites — there are probably many I’m missing, but this is stuff I quite enjoyed that came out in 2023.

  • Anything in Return – Instrumentals (Toro y Moi)
  • Crispy Crunchy Nothing (Packs)
  • Get Up Sequences Part Two (The Go! Team)
  • Off Planet (Django Django)
  • Pedestal EP (Fraulein)

Honorable Mentions: Flowers at Your Feet (Rahill), Parade (Takeshi Nakatsuka), Paris-Hawaï (La Femme), Sandhills EP (Toro y Moi)

Favorite Tracks
I haven’t included a “Tracks” category in years since I found it hard to remember what tracks I really liked more than others, especially since I tend to listen to albums, but this year I did some digging via Apple Music, and I think these are tracks that stood out for me over the past year.

  • “4th of July” (Packs)
  • “Big Cool” (Fraulein)
  • “Complete Me (feat. Self Esteem)” (Django Django)
  • “Gemini” (The Go! Team)
  • “The Weasel” (Young Jesus)

Honorable Mentions: “Give a Little Time” (Belle and Sebastian), “Ladies and Pac-Man” (Takeshi Nakatsuka)

Favorite Podcasts
The only change this year is the inclusion of the 60 Songs That Explain the ’90s podcast, which I came across a couple of months ago, and have enjoyed immensely, as I continue to dig back into the archives.

  • 60 Songs That Explain the ’90s
  • All Songs Considered
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • Pure TokyoScope
  • Whatculture Wrestling

Favorite Comics
This year I found myself enjoying the books of Mark Millar again, which I had stopped reading years ago, and so found myself catching up on many of his series (and include here his books that came out in 2023). It’s also amazing to me how much I continue to enjoy Larry Hama’s G.I. Joe series, which just re-launched with a new publisher (but continuing the issue count from back in the 80s).

  • Batman Off-World
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
  • The Ambassadors
  • Usagi Yojimbo (Ice and Snow, Lone Goat and Kid)
  • Void Rivals

Honorable Mentions: Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham, Big Game, Creepshow, Cyberpunk 2077: XOXO, Geiger: Ground Zero, G.O.D.S., Groo (Gods Against Groo, In the Wild), Hexagon Bridge, Junkyard Joe, Nemesis Reloaded, Night Club, The Forged, The Human Target, The Ministry of Compliance, Wonder Woman

Favorite BDs
I feel like there are quite a few other bandes-dessinées (French language comics) that came out in 2023 that I haven’t had a chance to read yet and that could end up being in this list, but this at least serves as a round-up of things that I really enjoyed so far.

  • Adieu Aaricia (Thorgal Saga, Tome 1)
  • Azur noir (XIII Trilogy – Jones, Tome 1)
  • Bellatrix – Épisode 1
  • Scotland – Épisode 2 (Kenya, Saison 4)
  • Vertiges (Europa, Tome 2)

Honorable Mentions: Danitza 1965 (La Fortune des Winczlav, Tome 3), Le retour de Lagaffe (Gaston, Tome 22), L’Iris Blanc (Astérix, Tome 40)

Favorite Magazines
No change here from last year. I still read a lot of magazines via Apple News+, but at the same time, I don’t find many that I truly love (I browse a lot of them), but these are the ones I tend to read more, with Monocle remaining my top choice.

  • Edge
  • Empire
  • Monocle
  • SFX
  • Total Film

Books Read in 2023

This is the fifth year of doing book challenges (following 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022) and it’s unfortunately been my worse year yet when it comes to the number of books read. As with last year, I had given myself a target of 20, and felt incredibly short this year, only finishing 7. I’m not sure what happened, I still read tons daily, but mostly on the web, magazines (via Apple News+), and comics (both American and European). When it comes to books, I’ve also regressed to my bad habit of starting a lot of them, but moving on to other things — according to Goodreads (I always log a book when I start it), I’m “currently reading” 27, which is a problem (although many of these were started before 2023). For 2024 I’m again giving myself a target of 20, and also to try and tackle as many of those unfinished reads as possible (and to just give up and remove the books I really don’t want to finish). Below are links to my mini reviews on Goodreads of the books I did finish.

  1. Make Something Wonderful (Steve Jobs)
  2. Boss Fight Books: Metal Gear Solid (Ashly Burch & Anthony Burch)
  3. On His Majesty’s Secret Service (Charlie Higson)
  4. The Big Four (Agatha Christie)
  5. The Mystery of the Blue Train (Agatha Christie)
  6. The Strategy Book: How to Think and Act Strategically to Deliver Outstanding Results (Max McKeown)
  7. The Three-Body Problem (Liu Cixin)

Like it’s 1983

My latest year-based movie marathon (following 1967, 1968, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992) is done and dusted, this time for 1983. I capped it at twenty-five, which is a decent amount — there were still a few films I was meaning to watch (The Right Stuff, The Outsiders, The Meaning of Life, among others) but I felt like it was time to move on. Overall, it was a fun year to revisit, with lots of stuff I loved as a kid, and it was certainly a big year for Stephen King adaptations (Christine, Cujo, The Dead Zone) — and hey, it’s not every year you get two James Bond films. The full lineup was chronicled in this Twitter thread, but below is the full list, with links to my mini reviews on Letterboxd. Next up? 1993 of course.

  1. Christine
  2. Cujo
  3. Flashdance
  4. Joy Sticks
  5. Lone Wolf McQuade
  6. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
  7. National Lampoon’s Vacation
  8. Never Say Never Again
  9. Octopussy
  10. Private School
  11. Psycho II
  12. Return of the Jedi
  13. Risky Business
  14. Rock & Rule
  15. Scarface
  16. Sleepaway Camp
  17. Smokey and the Bandit Part 3
  18. Strange Brew
  19. Stroker Ace
  20. Sudden Impact
  21. The Dead Zone
  22. Trading Places
  23. Twilight Zone: The Movie
  24. Videodrome
  25. WarGames

Say Hello to Lupin III

Lupin heading out for his twice-daily walk.

On this Lunar New Year’s Day, I’m very happy to share that we’ve welcomed in a new family member. Please say hello to Lupin III, or Lupin for short (which I pronounce the Japanese way as “rupan“).

Lupin was rescued in mid-December in nearby Hangzhou after being hit by a car and not being able to walk. As he was then blocking traffic, a nearby security guard who knew of someone who supports an animal rescue organization contacted him, and he was able to save Lupin by coming to get him and bringing him to a vet. He was there for about two weeks, and was eventually able to walk again (it was apparently a spine-related injury).

My wife was looking at a rescue animal site, and came across a photo of him, and decided to contact the person who was temporarily watching him (the person who rescued him). After discussing things for a week, we decided to give it a try for 2-3 weeks, and so the person drove him over to our place in Shanghai (on January 6), and he’s been with us since.

And we made the decision to permanently adopt him.

He appears to be a Golden Retriever — blonde like the English type (like I’ve had in the past), rather than the reddish/brown of the American type — and according to the vet he’s probably around 1 years old, although we think he’s younger, maybe more around 9-11 months, as he’s still on the small side, but that could be because he’s just on the smaller side, or that he’s a mix. The fact that a good part of his body is shaved due to treatment after the accident (he was very dirty as well) makes it hard to guess as well.

We got a him a little red raincoat for walks in the rain.

He’s incredibly loving, and seems to be very happy to be with us, and we love him very much as well. We of course don’t know what kind of life he had before the accident (the rescuer did post messages on various sites to try and see if he had an owner who had lost him, but never got any responses), but we’re happy to now welcome him in our family.

Oh, and yes, he’s named after one of my favorite anime characters, Lupin III, the grandson of Arsène Lupin.


Books Read in 2022

This is the fourth year I’ve given myself a target of books to read (since giving a push to start reading more books in 2019), but unfortunately, I didn’t make it. Like last year, I had given myself a target of 20 (which I completed last year), but fell short at 16. I found myself going long periods, sometimes months, without making much progress this year. As the year was coming to a close, I was actually planning on trying to give a huge spurt during the last 1-2 weeks, but I ended up getting sick and wasn’t really in a state to read much. Oh well. I did also feel a bit bad because a few of the books I did get through were quite short, but looking at the stats on Goodreads, my total page count is in keeping with previous years (even similar to last year), so looks like I read a few bigger books that balanced out with the short ones.

Below is the list of those 16 books I did read, with links to my mini reviews on Goodreads. And yes, I’m again giving myself a target of 20 for this coming year, which I hope to surpass.

  1. After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul (Tripp Mickle)
  2. Becoming All Elite: The Rise of AEW (Michael Sidgwick)
  3. Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo (Reggie Fils-Aimé)
  4. Goldfinger (Ian Fleming)
  5. LaserWriter II (Tamara Shopsin)
  6. Les mystères du lotus bleu (Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle)
  7. Measure What Matters (John Doerr)
  8. Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry (Jason Schreier)
  9. Severance – The Lexington Letter (Anonymous)
  10. The Art of War (Sun Tzu)
  11. The Hunting Party (Lucy Foley)
  12. The Man in the Brown Suit (Agatha Christie)
  13. The Secret of Chimneys (Agatha Christie)
  14. Wallpaper City Guide: Shanghai (Wallpaper Magazine)
  15. Waste Tide (Chen Qiufan)
  16. With a Mind to Kill (Anthony Horowitz)

Like it’s 1992

We’re still 2022 for a couple of days, and I’m glad I was able to finish my latest movie marathon, for 1992, before year’s end — and now joining all of these other year-based marathons I’ve done in recent years: 1967, 1968, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1991. As always, my list of movies to watch was quite a bit longer than what I ended up watching, but I usually stop when I feel like I’ve had my fill and that I watched the stuff that I wanted to watch the most (and sometimes there are movies that I watched not that long ago). So the final count for 1992 was nineteen films, which are listed below with links to my mini reviews on Letterboxd (and here’s the original Twitter thread, where I screwed up the numbering near the end). Next up, I’ll be looking to do marathons for 1983 and 1993 in 2023.

  1. A Few Good Men
  2. Alien 3
  3. Army of Darkness
  4. Basic Instinct
  5. Batman Returns
  6. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  7. Freejack
  8. Hardboiled
  9. Man Bites Dog
  10. Once Upon a Time in China II
  11. Patriot Games
  12. Police Story 3: Supercop
  13. Reservoir Dogs
  14. Strictly Ballroom
  15. The Last of the Mohicans
  16. The Lover
  17. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
  18. Unforgiven
  19. Wayne’s World
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Favorite Media of 2022

Oh how I love it so, taking time to think about all of the wonderful media I enjoyed over the past year, this time for the 12th consecutive year (following 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021). Yes, this is a highly subjective list of my favorite things I took in this year, and it’s not exhaustive, as it is only based on what I was able to consume throughout the year. The only strict rule is that it must have come out during 2022 (with a little wink to my annual movie marathons), which is why I don’t include board games or books, as I’m not as “of the year” for those. Each category is made up of a top five (in alphabetical order), followed by a few honorable mentions if warranted.

Here we go.

Favorite Games
What surprised me while making this list is that although I played tons of games over the past year (many via Game Pass or picked up on the Nintendo eShop on sale), I didn’t actually play that many proper 2022 releases — and I also saw myself embarking on an Assassin’s Creed kick by replaying both Origins and Odyssey a second time. If I were to pick an absolute favorite game for the year, it would be Vampire Survivors — even though it’s not a type of game I usually gravitate towards, I found myself absolutely obsessed with it, needing to complete all the achievements (which I did for the DLC as well). I also include Mario Kart 8 due to the track DLC released this year, and would have liked to include Cyberpunk 2077, which I finally played this past year following the latest patch, and it ended up being one of my favorite games played in recent years.

  • Grid Legends (Xbox Series S)
  • Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo Switch)
  • Marvel Snap (Mobile)
  • Pentiment (Xbox Series S)
  • Vampire Survivors (Xbox Series S)

Honorable Mentions: As Dusk Falls (Xbox Series S), Immortality (Xbox Series S), Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (Nintendo Switch)

Favorite Movies
This was certainly a great year for movies, and I got to see more new releases than I normally would due to the accelerated digital releases we get these days. And as with previous years, I include top 5s for some of the movie marathons I did (1982, 1992, Zhang Yimou), just for fun.

  • Carter
  • Decision to Leave
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • RRR
  • Top Gun: Maverick

Honorable Mentions: Apollo 10 1/2, Barbarian, Jackass Forever/Jackass 4.5, Men, Metal Lords, Pearl, Prey, Studio 666, Terrifier 2, The Batman, Watcher

Favorite Movies of 1982

  • Blade Runner
  • E.T.
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  • The Thing
  • Tron

Favorite Movies of 1992

  • A Few Good Men
  • Patriot Games
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Strictly Ballroom
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Favorite Films of Zhang Yimou

  • Hero
  • Ju Dou
  • Raise the Red Lantern
  • Red Sorghum
  • Shadow

Favorite TV
Every year I include the AEW pro wrestling shows Dynamite and Rampage in my top 5 because I love them so, although I sometimes feel like I shouldn’t include them since everything else are scripted shows. I think Irma Vep, Better Call Saul, and Severance were absolutely my other favorite shows this past year, and the last spot could have been taken up by any number of shows included in my honorable mentions — but She-Hulk was a fun surprise, and a joy to watch.

  • AEW Dynamite/AEW Rampage
  • Better Call Saul
  • Irma Vep
  • Severance
  • She-Hulk

Honorable Mentions: Andor, House of the Dragon, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Primal, Peacemaker, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Sandman, Tales From the Territories, That Dirty Black Bag, Tokyo Vice, We Own This City

Favorite Anime Series
This category comes and goes, as there are years where I don’t watch much anime, but this past year has been quite a strong year, and I’ve found myself watching many of these (everything in the top 5 except Cyberpunk) with my wife, who loves them as well.

  • Chainsaw Man
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury
  • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
  • Pop Epic Team

Honorable Mentions: Ghost in the Shell, Summer Time Rendering, Uncle From Another World, Vampire in the Garden

Favorite Web Series/Channels
This category has pretty much turned into nothing but pro wrestling related content — the various AEW series, plus Being the Elite and KanaChanTV — except for Formula 1 racing, which I watch via a subscription to the F1 TV website/app.

Favorite Music
My list of honorable mentions is a bit extensive here, but hey, no music no life. Although I always just include albums, there are certainly songs I’ve specifically enjoyed a lot this year, but I’m not able to properly track them. And my most listened to album this past year is easily Maki Nomiya’s New Beautiful. And yes, three albums by Guided by Voices, so what.

  • Beatopia (Beabadoobee)
  • Household Name (Momma)
  • Mahal (Toro y Moi)
  • New Beautiful (Maki Nomiya)
  • Talk Talk Talk (The Paranoyds)

Honorable Mentions: Alpha Zulu (Phoenix), Back on the Music (Paul Cherry), Barbara (Barrie), Cheat Codes (Danger Mouse & Black Thought), Counterpoint (Tomggg), Crystal Nuns Cathedral (Guided by Voices), Domestic Fantasy (Hook-Ups), Du haut du 33e étage EP (Bertrand Burgalat), Dutronc & Dutronc (Thomas Dutronc & Jacques Dutronc), Get Back: The Rooftop Performance (The Beatles), Golden Apples (Golden Apples), Growing Up (The Linda Lindas), Happy Now (Thick), Hello (μ-Ziq), Hello, Hi (Ty Segall), Here with You (Tahiti 80), In Cinerama (April March), Laurel Hell (Mitski), Let England Shake – Demos (PJ Harvey), Multitude (Stromae), Plasma (Perfume), Pompeii (Cate Le Bon), Scalping the Guru (Guided by Voices), Sexy (Coco & Clair Clair), Slight Variations (Fujiya & Miyagi), Steady (Sloan), Strata Records: The Sound of Detroit (Jazzanova), Teatro Lucido (La Femme), Tremblers and Goggles by Rank (Guided by Voices), World Wide Pop (Superoganism)

Favorite Podcasts
The two new entries this year are also my current favorites: the TokyoScope spinoff series Pure TokyoScope, that brings together Patrick Macias and Matt Alt (the episodes they did together on the original TokyoScope podcast were always the best anyway), and Video Archives, the new movie discussion podcast with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery.

  • All Songs Considered
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • Pure TokyoScope
  • Video Archives
  • Whatculture Wrestling

Favorite Comics
I feel like I slowed down a bit when it comes to comics this past year, and so no honorable mentions — and the Usagi Yojimbo mention includes both the ongoing new series, as well as the color reprints of old material.

  • Batman
  • Do a Powerbomb
  • Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to be Kin
  • The Human Target
  • Usagi Yojimbo

Favorite BDs
Although I consistently read a lot of BDs (bandes-dessinées, or French language comics), in the past year or two I didn’t include the category because I wasn’t reading a lot of new releases, but this past year I was able to include a few choice titles that I quite enjoyed.

  • Cuba, où tout a commencé (XIII, Tome 28)
  • La mort de Spirou (Spirou et Fantasio, Tome 56)
  • NeptuneÉpisode 1, 2
  • Scotland – Episode 1 (Kenya – Saison 4)
  • Tom & Lisa 1910 (La Fortune des Winczlav, Tome 2)

Favorite Magazines
The biggest change in the list this year is that I finally stopped buying/subscribing to the physical edition of Monocle, and switched over to a digital subscription (due to my move to China). Everything else I continue to read though my Apple News+ subscription.

  • Edge
  • Empire
  • Monocle
  • SFX
  • Total Film


Like it’s 1982

As I was preparing my annual “favorite media” post, I just realized that I forgot to post a recap of my 1982 movie marathon, which I finished in September (joining 1967, 1968, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1991). It was a pretty fun year I think, and I quite enjoyed a lot of these. Below, a list of the films I watched, with links to my short reviews on Letterboxd — and here’s the Twitter thread.

  1. 48 Hrs.
  2. Airplane II: The Sequel
  3. Blade Runner
  4. Creepshow
  5. E.T.
  6. Evil Under the Sun
  7. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  8. Firefox
  9. First Blood
  10. Friday the 13th Part III
  11. MegaForce
  12. Night Shift
  13. Rocky III
  14. The Thing
  15. Tron