Month: March 2004

  • Caravan Books

    Robert checks out Ikebukuro’s Caravan Books, and likes what he finds. I’m tellin’ ya, Ikebukuro is turning into a “destination.” You heard it here first!

  • The Band of the 20th Century

    And while we’re on the subject of Readymade, today marks the release date of the Pizzicato Five 6 DVD set, THE BAND OF THE 20TH CENTURY (the official “for sale” date is March 31, anniversary of their last show together, but releases are always available the day before in Japan). To mark this event, Patrick,…

  • BGM Vol. 1 for Modernica

    Another compilation that’s been getting some fairly heavy playtime on my Mac and iPod is BGM VOL.1 FOR MODERNICA, compiled by Comoesta Yaegashi. Features a bunch of tracks by the likes of Iwamura Manabu, Qypthone, and Comoesta, including a new track by Comoesta’s old unit, 5th Garden. It’s all in keeping with the Readymade esthetics…

  • Cornelius Versus Sakura

    I didn’t know Cornelius (Oyamada Keigo) had a photoblog, and it seems like he’s become the official photographer of the Nakameguro sakura. Link via Patrick.

  • The Price of Fame

    A huge thanks to those who sent in donations after my spiel about the bandwidth issues. Thank you also for all the recommendations I’ve received in the mail about alternate cheaper hosting services. As I’ve answered, I’m paid up for a year (you got a big discount if you paid in advance like that), but…

  • Style

    Jesper’s Next Century Modern front page has a hint of something that I’ll be working on. Should be very cool indeed.

  • 45 Under 45

    The Museum of Modern Art in Saitama will be hosting a new exhibit from April 6 (until May 5) entitled 45 UNDER 45 – YOUNG ARCHITECTURE. From RT: I somehow find it difficult to warm to architects. That’s partly because of their forceful, presentation-trained voices, but also the snooty comment from some star architect on…

  • We Are Escalator Records

    When I posted the other day about the recent compilations coming out, I forgot to mention one: WE ARE ESCALATOR RECORDS PART 2, again mixed by Cubismo Grafico. Includes the usual cast of Escalator Records mainstays like Losfeld, Harvard, Miniflex, Neil & Iraiza, Le Hammond Inferno, Yukari Fresh, and of course a few tracks by…

  • New Plusminuszero Shop

    I talked about the Plusminuszero brand from toy maker Takara a while back, and today sees the opening of a Plusminuszero shop in Coredo Nihonbashi (you can find a map here). Also, this month’s issue of WALLPAPER features an article on the brand. I was surprised to find out from the article that the designer…


    Very nice online DVD shop.